with Aileen’s relatives

After Newcastle, we trained across to Workington, where Aileen’s surviving relatives live. We had a sunny day! I was amazed when we had an hour’s wait for a change of train at Carlisle, and I had a Guinness – out of the fridge! A chilled guinness, just like Australia. I bet they wouldn’t dare in Ireland!

This morning we went around all the different houses where Aileen’s family had lived. A lot of houses for different branches of the family at different times -yet all within a small area of half a dozen streets. Amazing how  families used to hang together – at least, until they left to find work in places like Australia and South Africa, and then hardly saw their families again (in the days before jet travel).

(Here we’re standing in front of what used to be Uncle Ernie’s sweetshop)

Later today we head back to Edinburgh and the same hotel. Monday is going to be my hardest day of all – getting up to catch a train at 5 am, then 3 school presentations, and not getting back to the hotel until after 9 pm. No blogging tomorrow!

Cheers, R


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