Blogging, freezing, eating

Hi! British internet at hotels has gone into swift decline. At London, we had our own internet computer in the room. At Bristol, only a hotel computer to use, and expoensive. In Edinburgh, no computer in the hotel – no access, not even for the laptop I haven’t brought. It’s a fair trek to the nearest internet cafe, but here I am.

What the hotel has is an incredible location facing the towering Walter Scott Memorial on Princes street, this amazing 19th Century gothic structure, as black as if charred by fire.

That’ss the view from our bedroom window – and we look out on the skyline of the Royal Mile too –

Our bedroom window looks out onto that and also the whole skyline of the Royal Mile, very dramatic.

Edinburgh is brrrr-ugh – very cold. Lots of fine drizzly rain, which we had in Bristol too. Now, for the moment, the sun has come out – but wait till the next time I look out the cafe window. Can’t trust any weather to hang around long.

We met up with a friend of Aileen’s on Tuesday evening and went to an amazing pub – only the local, but it had stained glass windows, a coffered many-coloured roof and tile pictures, framed like oil paintings. All of this stuff is just standard in Edinburgh – or not very unusual, anyway. The whole city is old and sandstone-y. We haven’t eaten haggis yet, though it’s on many menus – we’re going for the less traditional form of Scottish cuisine known as Indian.

Schools are interesting – I’ve done 2 primary schools, but primary goes a year later than Australia.

Cheers, R


2 Responses to “Blogging, freezing, eating”

  1. Thoraiya Says:

    I love Edinburgh. I love the Scott Memorial. Wonder if the bagpipe guy is still on one corner and the Chinese er hu player still on another corner of that block. You will of course be visiting the speampunkish Camera Obscura? The last time I was there I had a disgusting hacking flu so I will wish you good health and go rug up against the Australian winter, temperatures (9C – 17C) not dissimilar to Edinburgh summer. Thoraiya.

    • richardharland Says:

      Hi Thoraiya!
      Yes the bagpipe guy is still on the corner where the street leads down to the railway. Is it really always the same guy? Seems like it’s always the same breath – he just keeps going and going and going. Superhuman lungs! Ni Chinese er hu player (I don’t actually know what ‘er hu’ means, but no Chinese player of anything). Cheers, R

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