Aileen arrives!

… but not the tall and elegant version of Aileen, more of a wrung-out dishcloth version, after 36 hours without sleep. So good to see her (in any version)!

The hotel we’re in is between the Houses of Parliament and the Tate Gallery. It’s a much-touristed area – which is good for shops/cafes/restaurants staying open all weekend. I can’t help wondering if all the traditional red phone boxes and blue phone boxes and red postboxes are natural, or whether they’ve been gathered up from far and wide, and re-planted here. I can’t believe there could be so many in one area.

(Red shirt to colour-coordinate with red postbox)

We went walking today – checking out pubs for a pub dinner tonight (an amazing congregation of very traditional pubs in this area too!), getting a UK SIM card for Aileen’s mobile, then later strolling along the Embankment beside a very muddy low-tide Thames, surveying the Houses of Parliament and London Eye ferris wheel – and even the Gherkin in the distance.

Wish I had more to say – the one time I have an internet computer in the room, but nothing much to tell except the dramatic phone call from Reception when Aileen arrived at 7.30 this morning. I’ll take my camera and get a photo in the pub tonight.

Cheers, R


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