I’m now at a hotel with an internet access computer in the room- in London – so now I can put up some piccies, going way back through this blog – a selection of the piccies I took but couldnt upload through hotels’ business centre computers.

Here’s a photo of me at a bookstore – trouble is, I can’t remember which one when —-

I’ve just been indulging in English memories, sitting at the computer with a pork pie, a bottle of Hobgoblin real ale (better than  beer ever was when I lived in England), some ciabatta-like rolls, some French brie – and for dessert, marzipan. (Okay, maybe not so English after all – but I dote on marzipan).

New York was a blast – the high point of the US tour. There were high points all along the way – but, I mean, I know I can do readings and talk up my latest book. I love doing those things – but New York meant meeting the people at Simon & Schuster, and I felt honored when everyone who’d been involved in the book’s production or marketing gathered around the oval table in the main suite just to meet me. Must’ve been nigh on 20 people from the vice-president down, and they were so enthusiastic, so happy about Worldshaker and the way it’s been selling. Which was a great feeling for me – plus, I was impressed by the high morale of everyone there . I’ve seen publishing companies full of backbiting and grudges and factionalism, but here they had a really strong spirit as a community and a team.

It was great to put faces to names – Navah my editor, Taryn my publicist, Paul the director of publicity, Catharine the steampunk afficionado – and of course David my publisher. All so full of energy and enthusiasm. I just wish I could remember everyone’s names – Justin, Anne, Mary … no, I can’t do it.

I had lunch withDavid afterward at a great little Mexican restaurant. Australia has many great cuisines, but let’s face it, Mexican isn’t one of them. Whereas Mexican is hugely popular in the States – every level from solid cheap fare to the to-die-for delicious. My two best Mex meals were this one in New York and one in Phoenix. The Phoenix place did guacamole and enchiladas and the classic Mexican standards brilliantly; the New York one opened up whole new possibilities beyond the standards.

I was sorry to leave the States. Maybe my waistcoat felt the same, because it managed to entangle its buckles with Navah’s pendant chain just when a taxi finally pulled up. (The same waistcoat as in the photo above – part of my standard steampunk costume) The cab driver nearly  gave up and took off without me.

Flying to London was a drag, as flying always is. Did I ever mention I was flying with Icelandair, since way back before the volcano erupted? Anyway, it didn’t blow its top. Iceland is as bare and windswept as it looks in  “The Eagle’, the TV series.

Now I’m in London, at a hotel near the Tate ggllery. Aileen joins up with me tomorrow, yippee!

Cheers, R

PS More piccies inserted into blog pages over the last 2 weeks


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