Hotel musical chairs

Hi! Now I’m in Cincinnati, on the other side of the Ohio River. Woke up this morning and turned on the tap – nothing. Tried all the taps – no water. The front desk told me that a water main had burst overnight and no room had any water – not even to flush the toilet. I had the choice of staying in the Hyatt and showering at the Millenium Hotel over the road, or re-locating to the Millenium. I chose the latter – and of course the Hyatt took care of all expenses, in fact they probably won’t even charge Simon & Schuster for the two nights. I made the changeover in an early morning blur – I guess it was lucky that the rooms were available and so close. The hotels are almost exactly the same standard.

Did some meeting and greeting and signing at bookshops this afternoon – taken from place to place by my escort. People in American bookshops seem very busy – they wear intercoms so messages are always flying around the store – but when they have time they really give you their support. Nothing more important than recommendations from a bookshop person!

Another reading/signing tonight, then I get up at 5.00 am, fly to New York, another signing and – most important of all – I get to meet my publisher and editor and publicist at the Simon & Schuster offices. It’ll be great to meet in person after so many emails. Then, late in the evening, I fly to London via Iceland. (The volcano is being nice and quiet at the moment – touch wood)

Next post will be from the London hotel!


2 Responses to “Hotel musical chairs”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    It was a real pleasure to meet you in Cincinnati! The book is wonderful and hopefully the rest of your trip goes fantastically.

    • richardharland Says:

      Good to meet you too, Tiffany! I’m a long way from Cincinnati now – in London, v close to the Houses of Parliament. The British tour starts full-on tomorrow!
      Cheers, R

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