First Reading and Signing, and polar bears

Third day in the States. Yesterday I went round the USS Midway – huge decommissioned aircraft carrier. Big navy vessels send a shiver down my back – even though none of them match up to juggernaut size. But down in the tiny bunkrooms, in among the engines and machinery and wiring – it all had the juggernaut feeling. Plus that unmistakeable smell of lead paint. I have photos, but using hotel computers, I haven’t found a way to post them on this blog yet.

Now I have – here’s a glimpse of the Midway —————

Last night I did my first reading and signing at the San Diego Borders. Vast store – and to start with, a small audience. I was nervous until I got going. Then I did my readings at full store-filling volume, and suddenly the audience grew much bigger. Sold and signed a fair few copies, and gained some good friends, including the store manager.

I’ll be more confident next time. I guess you always wonder how you’re going to measure up in America … so far so good.

Today, I had the morning and afternoon off – went to the San Diego zoo, which is the biggest in the US. Highlight was a polar bear, so cute. Eating his/her vegetables, then playing with a ball underwater – bouncing it against the glass. What a show-off!

Tonight’s event is a panel at Mysterious Galaxies.  Cheers,   R


2 Responses to “First Reading and Signing, and polar bears”

  1. Thoraiya Says:

    That is awesome, Richard. I always wanted to see one of those massive Typhoon submarines, but I guess if I never actually make it to Russia, an aircraft carrier will do.

    Also: Big USA Borders! Huzzah! Only downside: it’s probably not completely full of speculative fiction. Like, say, Mysterious Galaxies. Wheeeee!


    • richardharland Says:

      Hi Thoraiya! I thought I’d approved your comment, but maybe I did something wrong. I’m in London now, and the British leg of the tour starts tomorrow. Cheers, Richard

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